Issues On Which We Ask You To Take Action

School Children at Risk

Parents, you now have an option to tell your children’s schools that you object of “human sexuality instruction. Click here to read the letter and information from one of the foremost non-profit legal firms in America involved in restoring the culture by advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the family.

Are You Registered?

It’s hard to believe but 2020 is now here and primary elections are just weeks away. Are you registered to vote? What about family, friends and neighbors? You can help with the vital registration process by visiting

January 2020 Salt & Light Newsletter
Click January 2020 Newsletter to view this month’s newsletter online or you can pick up a copy at the Salt & Light Table in the foyer.  These issues impact our Christian lives and freedoms. Click PDF to print a copy of the current newsletter.

DID YOU KNOW? There are vast differences between the official platforms of the three major political parties. Prepare for the 2020 election by visiting to compare how they currently stand on the issues.

2020 – The Year to Reach Out

Do you know that you can change your world? You can! By simply talking about Christ every where you go. Bill Bright presents “You Can Change Your World.” This is a very good study about how you can share your happiness and peace with others. One way you can introduce the topic of Christ is by asking “If you died today, do you know for sure that you will go to heaven?” You will be surprised at the answer more often than you can believe. This informative guide is easy to follow and implement in your life.

2020 – Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

The 2020 election season has already begun. The Democrats have had their opening debate between 20 of the 24 candidates. The candidates are already starting to call voters and we will see more calls, ads and campaign mail over the coming months.

Many feel inundated with television ads, robo-calls, campaign mail and the overall negative tone of politics, this might be a tempting position to adopt. However, it is not a position Bible-believing, gospel-loving Christians can or should accept as fitting with Scripture. The gospel is a holistic message with implications for all areas of life, including how Christians engage the political process. Here are four reasons why Christians should care about politics.

Biblical Voting

There is a new web resource for Christian Voters called Biblical Voter. You can read about it in this month’s Newsletter below or you click on the link and begin exploring it. In today’s often hostile and confusing political environment, it can be difficult to decipher which candidates and propositions to support. This tool should be a valuable resource for the upcoming 2020 Election Season which is kicking off now.  As resources become available, please check them out.

SC Legislative Legislation We’re Following for 2020
Only one of the four bills we selected for tracking has passed the House. No action has been taken on the other three bills in this session. Our prayer is that through prayer, postcards, calls and visits to our elected representatives and senators, all of these bills will be enacted in the next session starting in January 2020. You can track these bills through the following links: