Changing America’s Culture Starts in Our Church!

In today’s government, the Christian’s voice is passive and all but extinguished. Laws unfavorable to religious freedoms pass legislation with little or no opposition from the Christian community. Jesus tells us to stand up for righteousness and be a light unto the world, as a city set upon a hill cannot be hidden; nor do they light a lamp and put it under a bucket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house” (Matthew 5:14). As Christians, we should be anything but passive and uninformed; we should be proactive, with a strong, fruitful Christian voice in our communities; for we are the salt and light of this world.

The Salt & Light Ministry is an informational ministry dedicated to updating and educating Christians of frequently changing laws  and pending legislation that will affect our religious and personal freedoms. We will make available specialized training, seminars and informational bulletins to better equip Christians with an understanding of the secular governing process, to empower Christians to become a stronger influence with elected public officials.

Our goal is to encourage these officials to enact and support sound public policies that protect our religious and personal freedoms. Furthermore, we conduct regular voter registration and will encourage all Christians to vote in every election.

We are not here to argue politics or side with any political affiliation; we are here to provide tools for furthering the Gospel of Christ and to honor our Lord through prayer, Scripture, and biblically principled laws and legislation.

Please see our Foundational Issues tab on the About Us page that are biblically non-negotiable moral values.

If you are called of the Lord to assist in this ministry, please contact one of the Salt and Light representatives.


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