Books Sorted by Author

Recommended Books (sorted by Author)

Authors Title
Whistle Blower Magazine
Alinsky, Saul D. Rules For Radicals
Baehr, Ted How To Succeed In Hollywood
Barton, David Original Intent
Barton, David The Role Of Pastors And
Christians In Civil Government
Beliles, Mark A. and McDowell, Stephen K. America’s Providential History
Bright, Bill and Damoose, John N. Red Sky In The Morning
Brog, David Standing With Israel
Burtness, Bill The Thrid Alternative
Cass, Dr. Gary L. Christian Bashing
Colson, Chuck How Now Shall We Live
Connelly, Chad Freedom Tide: Now You Can Make
A Difference!
Coral Ridge Ministries 10 Truths About Christians And
Crismier, Charles Renewing The Soul Of America
D’Souza, Dinesh What’s So Great About America
Ehrenfeld, Rachel Funding Evil
Farah, Joseph Taking Back America – A Radical
Plan To Revive Freedom,
Morality, And Justice
Feiler, Bruce America’s Prophet
Fendall, Lon Citizenship – A Christian Calling
Frontline, Charisma Media Biblical Guide To Voting
Gabriel, Brigitte They Must Be Stopped Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam/How We Can Do It
Gaffney, Frank War Footing
Gaffney, Frank J. The Free World
Gingrigh, Newt To Save America
Gingrigh, Newt To Serve America
Grant, George GRAND ILLUSIONS: The Legacy Of Planned Parenthood
Griffin, G. Edward The Creature From Jekyll Island
Grudem, Wayne Politics According To The Bible
Hagee, John Can America Survive?
Ham, Ken Already Compromised
Ham, Ken Already Gone
Ham, Ken The Lie – Evolution
Ham, Ken The New Answers Book 1 – Over 25 Questions On Creation/Evolution
And The Bible
Hewitt, Hugh In But Not Of
Horowitz, David The Professors – The 101 Most
Dangerous Academics In America
Horowitz, David and Poe, Richard The Shadow Party
Houghton, Al Jesus & Justice
Huckabee, Mike Do The Right Thing
Jackson, Harry and Perkins, Tony Personal Faith And Public Policy
Joel C. Rosenberg Future
Kahn, Si Creative Community Organizing
Kennedy, D. James and Newcombe, Jerry What If America Were A Christian Nation Again?
Kennedy, James How Would Jesus Vote
Kupelain, David How Evil Works
Kuplian, David The Marketing Of Evil
Liberman, Paul The Fig Tree Blossoms
Lutzer, Erwin When A Nation Forgets God
Macinnis, Dr. Joseph Surviving Terrorism
Mammen, Neil Jesus Is Involved In Politics
Marshall, Peter and Manuel, David The Light And The Glory
Marshall, Peter and Manuel, David The Light And The Glory For Children
Mason, Norm The Political Imperative
McCarthy, Andrew The Grand Jihad
McGuire, Paul The Day The Dollar Died
Minnery, Tom Why You Can’t Stay Silent
Noebel, David A The Battle For Truth
Norris, Chuck Black Belt Patriotism
Olson, David T. The American Church In Crisis
Oren, Michael B. Power, Faith, And Fantasy
Perryman, Wayne Change Your Loyalty
Perryman, Wayne Unfounded Loyalty
Perryman, Wayne Unfounded War Footing – 10 Steps
America Must Take To Prevail In
The War for the Free World
Richards, Jay Money, Greed & God
Richards, Jay and Robison, James Indivisible
Richardson, Joel The Islamic Antichrist
Rosenberg, Joel C. Epicenter – Why The Current
Rumblings In The Middle East
Change Your Future
Rosenberg, Joel C. Inside The Revolution – How The Followers Of Jihad, Jefferson, And Jesus Are Battling To Dominate TheMiddle East And Transform The World
Saada, Tass Once An Arafat Man
Scarborough, Rick Enough Is Enough
Schlafly, Phyllis The Supremacists
Sears, Alan and Osten, Craig The ACLU Vs America
Sheldon, Rev. Louis P. The Agenda – The Homosexual Plan To Change America
Skousen, W. Cleon The 5,000 Year Leap
Skousen, W. Cleon The Making Of America
Skousen, W. Cleon The Naked Communist
Steyn, Mark America Alone
Sutherland, Mark I. Judicial Tyranny: The New Kings Of America?
Swanson, Eric & Williams, Sam To Transform A City
Swanson, Holly Set Up & Sold Out Find Out What Green Really Means
Thomas, Robert J. How To Run For Local Office – 1st Edition
Thomas, Robert J. How To Run For Local Office – 2nd Edition
Wang, Thomas America Return To God – 37 Articles Edited By
Weaver, C. Mason It’s Ok To Leave The Plantation
Wilberforce, William “The Practical View Of The Prevailing Religious System Of Professed Christians In The Higher And Middle Classes Of This Country Contrasted With Real Christianity”
Woods Jr., Thomas E. NULLIFICATION – How To Resist Federal Tyranny In The 21st Century