Health Care Initativies Related to Euthanasia and Denial of Care

Mr. Cockfield, in March, shared with us that the march to bring euthanasia laws to each state is progressing. There are currently six states that offer assisted-suicide under euphamisitc names such as “Dying with Dignity”, “Dignity in Dying” and other soft names. There are several others considering such new laws.

In March, in South Carolina, the Compassion and Choices organization is holding a series of meetings called Are You Good to Go? These meetings are focused on bringing assisted suicide and euthanasia laws to our state in the next couple of years under the label of Medical Aid in Dying. They are mounting a campaign on our state legislators to pass this.

We must let our state and federal legislators know that we oppose any form of assisted suicide to euthanasia. Here is a suggestion for a post card:

We do not want the SC Legislature to consider any form of killing (including euthanasia) or assisted suicide. We already have control of our dying process by refusing medical treatment.

Society operates on good practices that require human thriving and prosperity. Suicide and euthanasia laws remove incentives for medical research and human progress. Research grants would dry up decimating research hospitals.

The American Medical Association opposes assisted suicide. Physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer.

If we allow euthanasia, where does it stop? Are we to be this callous with the gift of a life that God creates? Life is sacred and must be protected!

You can use some or all of the above statements for your postcard to your state senator or representative. Go to Find Your Legislators or Contact Your Legislator, if you already know their name, to find their mailing address.

Note: The Compassion and Choices organization was previously named The Hemlock Society.

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