School Children At Risk

Your School Children Are At Risk

Parents, please find a letter from Matt Staver, Founder & Chairman of Liberty Council, one of the most active non-profit legal firms involved in restoring the culture by advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the family.

In the letter, Matt talks about the radical LGBT agenda and how it is rapidly eroding parental authority over what your children are being exposed to in the classroom. To prove what he is talking about, he provides a few examples of how Liberty Council has been fighting the radical LGBT agenda in schools in recent months.

As part of the letter, Liberty Council has enclosed a “Human Sexuality Instruction Parental Non-Consent Form” which is designed to protect school children from LGBT indoctrination. Click here for instructions on how to complete this form.

When you take this form to your child’s school, you may get some pushback about whether this is legally binding on the school. You do not need to engage in a discussion with the administrator on that, but simply state that regardless of what the school believes is its legal effect, you are requesting that this form be placed in your child’s file along with their other forms, e.g., medical releases, student handbook receipts, permission slips, that are kept there.

This form puts the school on notice of what you consent to, and eliminates the excuse that they did not know that certain material was objectionable. Depending on South Carolina laws, the legal effect, if any, of this request will have upon the school if they ignore your request is not known at this moment. (The Salt & Light Biblical Ministry team is currently investigating this for South Carolina and will let you know).